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LFG that wont kick me out for being inactive at times. SOS


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Hi Dangerosive, I am Squeeks, recruitment officer for the GW2 division of Remnants of Hope. We are a multi game community that has been around since 2009. We are always recruitment for GW2 and looking for new, existing and returning players. We would love for you to check us out. You can find our full recruitment post --> here and instructions for applying -->Here

Our community is comprised of members of all ages with our GW2 division being on the older side with working people such as yourself and me as well.

We do not have strict playtime requirements only asking that you login to game once every 90 days. We do have a 2 week trial period to gauge how well you fit in with the group but it is a pretty simple process. Run 2 events with the guild and make a few posts on our forums and that's about it!

I hope you will give us a look!

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Hi Dangerosive,

If you meet our age requirement (over 30), I'd like to extend an invitation for you to join our guild, Just Us Grownups.

Our motto is "real life always comes first," and as long as you log onto our website at least once a month or give us a heads up about an extended AFK, no one's going to kick you out of our guild. As someone who's job takes them out of town, I am the 'AFK-master' as far as being able to log into the game at times, so there's no worries in regards to your 'attendance.'

About us:

We’re a small guild that’s built on the principle that older, mature and well-mannered gamers don’t need an extensive amount of structure to play the game together. What really sets us apart is that we don’t have officers and it’s the membership itself that runs the guild and protects itself from drama.

Here are the basics:We’re on the Jade Quarry server (NA) but since we’re PvE all North American servers are welcome.We’re a small guild that would like to remain small (for the sake of manageablity)We have a fairly equal balance of both male and female playersWe have a fully upgraded guild hallWe have a Teamspeak 3 server and a comprehensive and active websiteWe’re looking for members who are going to interact with the guild both game-wise and socially.If this sounds like something that you’d be interested in, you can read more about us by visiting our site and readingOur Code of ConductHow the Guild is RunYou can also view our recruitment post.

If you’d like to join, we have a simple application to fill out.We look forward to hearing from you and whether it’s with us or another, we wish you best of luck in finding a guild!

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BE ONE OF US! [NA]Active/PvE[FENX]. Join Now

Hi ,

We Are seeking Adults who want a place to call home. We are continuing to look for more friends to add to Our guild. FENX is a Primarily PvE Guild, very casual, active, Friendly and Helpful. We welcome people from all servers to join us and we are female friendly And LGBT Friendly. No one will judge you here. There is no rep requirement.

One of the main things we realize is that this is just a game and real life comes first. So, if you need time away from the guild. Don’t worry we will be here waiting.

* We are a close knit group. Our size is Medium which gives us close knit quality and large enough to find several friends to team up with.* We do a little of everything .* We have TS and a “Fully upgraded” PVP arena in the *level 69 Guild Hall.** We are seeking people for all time zones. *Remember we are on NA servers.*  *We are on SoS.**So, come on and join us, have fun and laughs. And help us grow.* Be a part of this great guild and make it even better with you being a guildie.

A little bit about who we are:

Be Reborn in FENX!We were first dreamed up over 10 years ago during the blissful days of Guild Wars 1. We have since carried our belief of being a guild for the members. We brought with us our spirit and the desires of helping those who we battle with side by side everyday in the game. Now, we have endured mainly do the fact we don’t try to force anyone to play the game a certain way. We believe in playing Guild Wars 2 with our companions and having fun and enjoyment for all.

We are a casual guild and those who run with us are our friends not just members on a roster. Our acceptance of all people remain our shining glory. We only have one requirement that you have fun in the game and do it with all of us.

We are not looking for members we are looking for Friendships.

All we ask is that you give respect to your fellow guild mates and they in turn will do the same.

Come join us! Be one of us! We want you to be a apart of this guild.

If we sound like a fit for you or you have any questions, Please drop us an in game note/whisper of leave us a PM here.

Visit our website: http://fenx.shivtr.com/ Please fill out the short application.


Draco Aine.5714 (Guild Master)

WolfieBlitz.9583 (Leader)

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