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[EU] Red Valerian [RvN] is recruiting ambitious and motivated players for WvW/GvG.


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We, Red Valerian are looking for ambitious and motivated WvW-players, who want to improve together in points as: Teamplay, skill, overall knowledge and communication.

We offer:

  • help from experienced players
  • active Teamspeak and Discord
  • 3 raids per week

We are looking for the following classes:-1 Warrior-2 Guards-2 Revenants-1 Scrapper-1 Thief

Currently we are placed on WSR (linked with FoW)

If you are interested in joining a WvW-/GvG guild (mainly fighting orther guilds) come and join us.

Contact me ingame: tRaxLiont.3197 or on Discord Mozzarella#5426 (Subcontact: Bella.4238 / Shox#0549)

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