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Help understanding chill [rune of the reaper with warrior shouts]

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This is my first post online. Returning player and i have not seen much online about certain aspects of the game like chill. i get it has great affects.My thoughts were to use it on my warrior in pvp too stop immunity spams or like daze locks that some theives use on me in duels. Rune of the reaper gives 1 sec chill per shout used.Is one sec. of chill worth it? does the affect stop after chill is gone or does the increased cooldown still apply after?I have been asking around in pvp lobbies and no one knows or will help me test this out.Any insight on this topic would be helpful :D

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The rune itself is not bad for squishy power builds, however the 6th effect isn't something to center your build around.

It can however:

  • Be increased in duration through various means
  • Help you kite (create distance) really well
  • Activate on every single charge of shouts

Even just 1 second of chill, at an inopportune time, can be quite annoying to deal with. Imagine you get chased by 2 players and you use a shout, then quickly gs3 away from them - you've increased the gap by atleast 66% than you would with just gs3. Or you see someone trying to run away from you, you can shout into an eviscerate which now has a much higher chance of landing.

The duration is too short to have any meaningful impact on cooldowns, unless you run an all shout build. However it adds up against cooldown dependent builds like weaver the longer the fight progresses. Also keep in mind it always activates in a 360 radius around you, not at the target location if you use On My Mark f.ex.

It's a very good rune for Warrior, as it has Power as a main stat, added tankyness and warrior shouts have charges for frequent use.

Btw there's a great new core warrior build (even in high lvl pvp) after the last patch that uses Strength, Tactics and Discipline with Axe/Shield/Greatsword which utilizes the Leg Specialist trait. It has alot of sustain and damage.

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The issue is that the Chill unto itself isn't all thatimpressive..... but the Rune was designed to be vehicle for Reaper's traits. Chill used by a Repear is still decently powerful. But on launch of HOT, Chill used to do all the things it can do now BETTER, AND was an entirely new condition damage type when traited.

On its own, Chill slows movement and increases cool down times. In the hands of a Reaper, its increasing outgoing damage, decreases incoming damage, and starts to inflict damage. Unless theres a build that handles both shouts AND chill in some significant way, the Rune (like many others) have limited applications.

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