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Should damage/boons on dodge related traits make the player loose his ability to dodge?


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One thing I hate the most right now in this game is the ability some classes have to do damage whilst they can t be hit. In order to continue with Anet wishes to add "trades-off" to spec, I would like to also have trade-off on dodge. Especially, I would like to have trade-off on traits that are activated when you dodge. I want those traits to be reworked so that when they add the damage/Condi/boon when dodging, your dodges don t dodge anymore. So that the player would actually think if he wants a defensive or offensive option. Not both because this is cheese. Why should I have to dodge someone else dodge? Traits that comes in mind: ReckLess dodge, Lotus training, thermal release valve...Yea or nay?

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@"Eugchriss.2046" said:when dodging, your dodges don t dodge anymore.

Due to this sentence alone I am not sure if troll or not, so for the fun of it I am gonna assume for a sec that its not.

Those traits you are talking about need toning down and not.... not this.Your proposal is in absolutely no way a "trade-off", its absolute self-cripling sepuku of a change that I would expect to be proposed only by someone who literally hates PvP fiercely and is surprised when his enemy doesn't just self-destruct as hes used from PvE mobs.

I dont mean to offend you but when someones dodge couldn't evade attacks, would you in all seriousness be like "ye this is fine"? Can you truly image the scenario when someone couldn't evade any of your attacks? Can you see how insanely noob-ish and EZ-mode gameplay would it be on your part?

PS: Sorry if my post seems too harsh but I have been around both PvP and Forums long enough to get tired of ideas like this where I cant be sure if it's a troll or someone who confused Gw2 Forums with some other game.

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No, that's stupid. Obviously it would just delete the trait since nobody can play without dodge. For Warri it would even gut the whole strength trait line since it's passive trait that can't be deselected. There just shouldn't be damage traits on dodge, they should be reworked to do something else.

With Thermal Release Valve the damage/burn can just be removed, since the trait only gets picked for the heat release anyway. I'd actually prefer to be able to dodge in stealth without accidently revealing myself over the damage it does. The other mentioned traits would need different functions. The warr one could give a small amount Adrenaline on dodge for example.

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If a dodge removes something that would normally hinder a player say

  • stun
  • immobilize
  • chill
  • etcThen it should have a cost as those kinds of effect should not be able to just be brushed off with little cost

IF its a offensive ability that happens on dodge it should not be an issue to keep your dodging ability as you are using what would be a defensive tool to aid in your attack. In most cases offensive dodge a abilities are fine only in a few niche cases where the effects can be triggered in rapid succession say daredevil/mirage really be kept in check as they can dodge far more frequently. But thats more of a numbers thing not removing their ability to dodge.

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Here's the thing.

You're going to take damage from your opponent at some point. There's no avoiding that - this isn't an FPS where it comes down to how fast you can headshot someone.

Dodges are far more valuable than the traits that do stuff to them. And there isn't really a choice for some specs - DD loses out on a GM trait. Warr would suddenly be unable to take strength. Mirage would be nonexistent. Ranger? Traitline gone, forget which, because they get prot and heal on prot.

You haven't thought this through at all.

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I voted no, as dodge/active mitigation is far too important of a mechanic to remove. However, I agree with the sentiment of this post that there are FAR too many skills and classes in this game that apply pressure while evading/immune to damage.

I would vote yes, perhaps, to this change:

Damage on dodge traits change your dodge into a capped (not affected by outside sources) -90% damage and -90% Condition damage window. This means you still take damage but it is drastically reduced. This does have a problem with balance versus condition application though. If such a mechanic is feasible, some skills could be changed from evade frames to a capped -damage value as well.

Regardless, this can also be addressed by doing a further balance to the damage values on all of the dodge traits and skills that evade+damage.

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