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[suggestion]Armour customisation

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I realise that this has probably been asked a million times before, but I will ask again can we please get a customisation tab for our characters look. Just one armour set that can be set up using the transmutation charges, to do this like the system currently does with the armour it's self. The main reason I ask is you have Ascended armour and now legendary armour both of which are bound to your account, you also have racial specific armour and that is the problem the key word being racial means that the armour then becomes bound to the character or if you multiple of the same race that uses the same armour then it is bound just to those characters.

One way that could change that is to have a wardrobe function that you use to customise your characters look and you leave the original armour with it's default appearance so you can actually use the armour as it was intended to be which I believe was to be able to transfer armour sets across characters. Another thing you could do is to transmute the armour to look like the appropriate races cultural armour but that does open another can of worms with the appropriation of the cultural armours. (where it only transmutes the armour to the correct cultural armour if you have purchased it and unlocked it in your account, which I believe is a far less elegant solution than having a tab that you can do an appearance that is specific to that character).

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