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Suggestion: Regarding Mounts and Event Credit


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Full disclosure: I'm one of those old-school veteran players that still manually does jumping puzzles because it's "more fun" that way.

Anyway, onto the subject at hand: the problem with the efficacy of mounts for gaining event credit, and the damper this puts on others.

I'm sure we've all encountered moments where someone comes sailing in on their raptor or swoops down on their glittery skyscale and obliterates a pile of mobs before you get a chance to toss some damage in -- let alone get an assist to earn some credit -- and how frustrating it can be when it keeps happening. And usually it isn't too much of an issue on things like scaling champion and legendary fights, where that damage is just another ping on the boss' health.

But in regular play, it's starting to become frustrating.

Especially when you manage to corner a few straggler enemies and are just about to finish them off to earn that event credit toward dailies ... when someone on a mount blitzes by and decimates the group of foes behind you, thus ending the event and leaving you stuck standing about and trying to figure out where else you can hope to go that you'll actually manage to be viewed as "participating."

I would hesitate to call it an issue of damage, as I've had my targets dropped even while projectiles are in-flight. It's simply a matter of the fact that mounts can deal hard damage in a sizable area, and the raptor is uniquely disposed toward clustering foes for maximum punishment.

The only solution that comes to mind is preventing a mount's engage skills (their 1) from contributing to event credit. Obviously this would cause havoc, since few events have functionally infinite spawns that would allow them to continue in perpetuity until enough player characters gain enough credit to advance the meter -- mobs already defeated are gone, and that credit is lost. Likewise would changing these events to "respawn" foes not make any sense, since it would create a soft stall on event progress.

I mean, obviously the community could be better about using the mighty power that is mounts in Central Tyria maps where power-creep never caused the generic mobs to be anything more than so much cannonfodder at the best of times, but ...

... well, if it weren't so commonplace, I'd not be here making a forum post about it.

Nor am I going to say that giving mounts high-powered AOE damage skills may have, perhaps, been a slightly myopic decision when they're highly useful in the kind of combat you'll find down in Elona, but it's certainly a bit overkill compared to most at-level and on-par characters.

Regardless, we need some means of ensuring that everyone has a fairer chance at event participation that doesn't boil down to everyone using Tail Spin and Blast on a bunch of hapless centaurs.

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I actually can't say this has ever been a mount-specific issue for me. For all dailies you'll have the crowd of people on the JP spamming swiftness that messes up your jumps or those people who bring their raid build to Queensdale and slay whatever it is they need for the day in .005 seconds. Usually they finish, they move on, and then I go in and complete whatever objective I have to.

If you made any kind of adjustment to mounts over something like this, it would have to be for a more pervasive problem like mounts breaking events or preventing map meta progression. I think you'd be much better off rolling your eyes at whoever happens to be in your way for a particular daily and either find a less populated spot to complete that daily or wait the short time it takes for a mob to respawn than waiting for mounts/player skills themselves to be tweaked.

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As someone where 99% of the my characters are fitted in raid builds - it's not going to help if can OHKO or rarely, two-three hit anything in a lv15 zone with my auto attack anyway.

And i've never personally found it to be an issue in zones above lv25, without nerfing mount use in daily zones entirely (IMO very unfair to players who aren't there for the daily) i don't see where else it would be useful to do so- if it's not a daily i have never ever had issues tagging events.

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