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Opinion: The most flashy class/spec/weapon


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Hey guys :)

Just figured i'd post this for a bit of fun.

But what do you guys think is the most flashy spec for open world questing and map completion etc.?

I recently returned to GW2 after being gone since just before HoT. I had 2 80 boosts to burn and a ton of alts in the 40-60 range so i decided to go with an old fav and boosted my warrior. I'm currently rocking spellbreaker and loving it. I unlocked my glider in HoT and am up to working on my springer's high jump in PoF. I also have a real desire to go back and do some map completion etc. (not to mention finishing all those old story threads/hearts/etc. that i never finished).

So now i'm staring at all those alts and that other 80 boost and considering what to do with em once the fun wears off of this warr a bit (i'm an alt nut in MMOs. Not just here lol)

So lets go for... Flashy.

I'm usually a melee guy but lets table that for the moment (unless a melee spec comes out on top, of course).

I want to blow up the battlefield. Rush around at high speeds. Do multicolored light shows. Rain fire and brimstone. Do acrobatics with my weapons. Etc. Etc.

Any combination or more of the above. Stuff you do just while out questing with your X class in Y spec and Z weapon setup(s) that make you think "wow, thats friggen cool".

I fully understand, btw, that this is going to be a heavily opinion based thread. Thats half the fun :)

So yea. Lets here some stories/opinions/etc.

Cheers guys :)

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Revenant has some rather flashing weapon attacks... but beyond that is rather lackluster in my opinion...

Guardian, specifically the Dragonhunter spec, have some very flashy attacks from their traps. It's almost impossible to not notice a dragon hunter on the battlefield because of how large and flashy their traps are.

Elementalist Tempests can certainly put on a light show for you.

You would think that mesmers would be flashy, given that they are illusionists after all... but surprisingly... their attacks are among the least flashy in the game...

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So... several mentions of tempest. But then one note that they were toned down heavily.

How badly?

Weaver and holosmith were a couple of my favorite looking new elite specs this time around so if Tempest is flashy as hell, that makes me kinda wanna use my last 80 boost on my elementalist (2x elite specs to play with that look cool). But if Tempest got nerfed to "meh" on the animation department that hurts the discussion :(

Holosmith looked fun from the first time i saw a preview of PoF but i was never a huge engineer player. But if holosmith is the way to go for flashy... its a thought :)

Ty for replies so far guys. Keep em comin :)

lookin right now like a fight between Tempest and Holosmith lol.

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Holosmith... Any zerg, train etc, you see those huge honeycomb waves and flashes of yellow and you know there's a holosmith lolol. On the other hand id like to say Chrono is very recognizable as well with the tick tock and flashy purple wells and alacrity purple fire all over :) the prettiest and coolest boon hahaha

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Holosmith wins for pure flash, being specifically light-themed (get it? puns!), and also for its Kamehameha/Shinku hadouken/big effin laser Elite.Dragonhunter has some pretty killer animations, including an orbital laser and whirling blades of death.Revenant Prime is all flash and dash, especially sword/axe specs, and both the Herald and Renegade follow suit.Mesmer Prime has all kinds of "lazorz" effects, and jumpy/glass-breaky moves, and Chronomancer has their splashy, flashy wells, and massive clock animsElementalist Prime has tons of battlefield flash as-is, and Tempest adds transforming Overcharges into the mix

In terms of flashy weapons/equipment, you want a Legendary. Any usable Legendary will do. My personal favorites are Bolt, Incinerator, Twilight, and Dreamer.Barring that, the Cobalt Greatsword is on fire, literally, and Lord Taerys' Shadow glows sinister purple. Have a look through the wiki galleries, and find a skin or effect you like on a weapon you can use.

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ty for all the discussion guys! :)

i've seen a lot of recommendations for holosmith... i'm just not sure i'm big into the whole honeycomb look on everything. Gotta look up a few more videos i think :)

I've seen several mentions of revenant. That is literally a class i have never tried. Even my elementalist (more on that in a sec) is in her 30's. Might have to dip my toe into that one too. Maybe use the little trial part of my 80 boost on one and play with its base specs.

As of now elementalist feels like the front runner. I never played mine a ton, but i do remember enjoying daggers quite a bit with air affinity (a whip and a teleport spring to my mind). I've looked up a couple youtube vids on pve tempest builds and have come across a couple fire/air ones that interest me quite a bit (one was dagger/warhorn the other was staff, both looked fun).

Still reading here and enjoying the discussion :)

Cheers everyone :)

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