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7 Reasons I'm Done With Ranked After Playing Since Season 2

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@"lare.5129" said:this no enough do "good game". Player should exceed to be in 250. And this is great challenge for real exp gamers.Ofc not everyone can accept that. Some people do only dayli ))

Ranked Arena right now is about as competitive as Farm World. It's honestly no challenge at all. The general decline in population brings out the worst players, IE the casual pip farmers and the manipulative top players I mentioned in the OP. Metagaming is the standard for playing and the whole point of metagaming in the first place is to remove or reduce that "great challenge" as much as possible.

I've played Paladins, TF2, SSB, MKX & MK11, and Overwatch all competitively.

Do you know what people do in those games to be the very best that no one ever was? They just play the game. Pretty alien concept, I know.

Not the fairest comparison because most tournies and Ranked gamemodes in other games outright prevent metagaming pretty easily, but really that just makes me wonder even more why Gw2 has to be the exception. Either way, i'm not going to push myself to do better when i'm constantly being matched with people with wildly different skill levels and queue styles to me. It's too jarring and boring for me.

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