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Sigil of Agility - quickness duration

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This is a sigil which gives swiftness and quickness on swap.

The durations for swiftness / quickness are:Minor: 2/1Major: 3/1Superior: 5/1

so... it's 1 second of quickness for all tiers. Considering that swiftness is one of the most accessible boons, who really would use a superior sigil when the minor will do just as well? I use the sigil for speeding up a burst skill on swap, but have no use for even more swiftness, and I would guess this is the case for many others.

Why not have some scaling in the quickness duration as incentive to use the higher tiers? It could be 1/1.5/2 seconds on swap. Or would that be even more powercreep?

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maybe balance team don't play the game or maybe they don't want to kill sigil of rage, because sigil of rage give 3s of quickness every 20s;sigil of agility have 9s cd, so if you buff to 2s of quickness then every 20s you have 4s of quickness plus 10s of swiftness with that you killed sigil of rage

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Ah, that's true. Though I'd even argue that 2 seconds of quickness on weapon swap is a lot more useful than randomly getting 4 seconds on a critical hit every 20 seconds.Maybe the duration could be (in seconds): 1, 1.25, 1.5

Would such values allow the sigil of rage to keep its place?

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