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Dervish Outfit/Hood Skin

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@RoseofGilead.8907 said:The Elonian and Spearmarshal sets look pretty dervish-like in my opinion, the light set in particular. And that new light armor hood (from the Funerary set) with the broken mask attached, too.

Yes, the Elonian and Spearmarshal sets are very dervish-like, especially (to me) the medium ones. Looking forward to being able to get them.

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@Nihevil.8024 said:

@Blue Blade.3049 said:The arcane outfit is not a dervish outfit

How is it not?

Because it's basically a coat with a hood. Dervish did not wear coats.

@Blue Blade.3049 said:As a former GW1 fan/player who's favorite class was the Dervish, I would love to see a dervish outfit or hood skin on the gem store. Looking at some other forum and Reddit posts I know I'm not the only one either.

I would personally insta-buy a dervish outfit.. even just a simple istani or sunspear one. Surely they can't be hard to make, they weren't exactly heavily detailed. So long as it has a floor length skirt, sleeveless top and hood i'd be more that happy.

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