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Exotics from green unidentified


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@Shirlias.8104 said:more than 3. Around 6.But you must take Greens or yellow only if you try to get a precursor.If you wanna make golds blue is, was, the way.

Made 500g in 5 hours the first 2 days of pof. Then prices incrased, ectos droppd and so on.

Btw 300 + 8 from achies + 150 silverwastes + 20 neck + 50 boost + 70 food + 100 celebrato boost. Probably you can do more with guild banner and other things.

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@Rennie.6750 said:

@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:I wonder if the Magic Find is Account Magic Find (which can't be increased with modifiers) as stated in the tool-tip, or it's (character) Magic Find, which can be modified.

I'm guessing it's Account Magic Find, but it's possible it's an error in text.

It's affected by modifiers, fortunately.

The research is a bit ambiguous actually. @Wanze.8410 found a difference between opening at MF/311 (account only) and MF/581 (with 270 worth of buffs), but it's possible that the variance is quite high. The higher-MF test resulted +7 exotics and +70 rares, which seems like a lot til you remember that it involved 10 stacks of unID gear. It's a significant difference, but given the complexity of loot tables, it's possible that it was chance.

It's compelling enough that I strongly recommend that those who choose to open (rather than salvage or sell) buff as much as possible. If you save up unID, it's not that much extra time and there's a good chance it makes a noticeable difference.

Specifically: go to the silverwastes to complete a few events, then stack boosters as much as they can, making sure you have enough inventory space and a BL Bank Access or two available so you don't have to leave (and lose your perseverance buff of MF+150).

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