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Real(normal) suggestions for nearest 2019.10.29 or up+ pvp season. No balance ideas.


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Will be interested see normal ideas-suggestions for nearest pvp season. So please avoid fanatic shouts like "fix condi/remove stealth/nerf mesmers and soulbeasts"

some input from me:

1)Add Spirit Watch map. Anet in 2018 says "The hope is that we'll get it there some day". So why not now? 2020 is soon )May be add this only for one season. And only if many request will be continue in next.

2)Add possibility to make 3 playres ranked que. This give way to make more balanced and dominate for premade players.

3)Add button/checkbox on pvp dont get map/team chat and don't get whispers from pvp players. Recive/send messages only from my premade team.

4) add "Raid mode" pvp track to close raid achiv and get lee and etc, to craft leg set and legendary ring

5) also may be add track "legendary sigil/rune"

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  1. Add some 2v2 maps into the ranked queue, you can’t discriminate against maps that are not 5v5 when you do mixed queue with Duos. The maps have feelings too, they want to be used. I suggest to set Stronghold as a fixture so that in each map roulette it will always have at least 1/10 representation.

  2. Remove Solo queue and introduce Trio queue, so that people have someone else to blame other than their Duo partner. This allows me to deepen our friendship to deep, deep levels. Very deep.

  3. Introduce “Do Not Disturb” mode with customisable auto response. I want it to leave a 10 second sting on whoever gets triggered above 50%, launch their tilt 240 units anti-clockwise, and it has to be unblockable so that the auto response appears in their chat even when they have me blocked.

  4. Introduce Reward Tracks that actually progresses your PvP career. Open chests that contain Potions of Adventure, which do your climb for you by giving you games played and a random amount of lost rating, which increases with the amount of messages you deliver in full caps-lock. These rating will be donated to Extra Life along with my Gems; but like my PvP experience, the rating doesn’t mean anything to anyone concerned.

  5. Introduce Fishing competitions so I can be Accomplished Angler in this game too

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