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Is Drakkar a Dragon?


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@Lexi.1398 said:Thus our first problem: what is the "ambient" magic in gw2, why are ley lines different than not-leylines, and why aren't chak dragons?Technically there is no difference. Places of high ambient magic are also places very close to ley lines. If you want to define a difference then it would be "locations near ley lines" versus "the ley lines themselves".

@Lexi.1398 said:Next, we have the entities spawned from elder dragons - like the megadestroyer, which isn't a dragon (or is it), but it has elder-dragon-like properties. Dragon minions in general show the elder-dragon-like property of being able to consume ley magic, as we see with the defend leylines from events for the conservation of magic LW side story. But very few have the dragon like physicial attributes of wings and the 4 legs tail big lizard kinda deal.

@Lexi.1398 said:In this category we also have dragon champions and elder dragon's champions, for example the shatterer, glint, aurene, vlast are all crystal dragons who are/were/had or have the potential to be a champion of kralkatorrik but that honor was held by the shatterer and shatterer alone. These all hold traditional dragon physical attributes.

Zhaitan's dragon champions, like the plague bringer and those we fight on the airship in arah, are not THE head honcho champion of zhiatan (tequatl held that honor), but are all physically dragon looking- Tequatl at least holds the elder-dragon-like quality of magic consumption. Similarly, it's implied many "Claw of Jormag" exist.Mordremoth had the shadow of the dragon, we do not know what drakkar looks like, to my knowledge we do not know if the great destroyer looks like a dragon. Only in the case of zhaitan and jormag do we see dragons as a normal part of the repertoire as for the rest their only dragons were unique (aside from wyverns/drakes/hydras).

Okay, so, four things here.

1) An Elder Dragon can and do have multiple champions. Glint was a dragon champion of Kralkatorrik, but was "cleansed" by the Forgotten so she betrayed him. There was more than one Shatterer in the end, as we can see about 8-12 Death-Branded Shatterers around Dragonfall. Initially, "The Shatterer" was a title given to the champion that patrolled the Dragonbrand in Ascalon; but down south there were more visually similar dragon champions (who flew north to replace the ones killed).

2) Tequatl was no more "the head honco of champion" than Blightghast. Blightghast led an army of multiple other lesser champions against the three Order HQs and Lion's Arch. This is a much higher task than assaulting some hylek. Ultimately though, they had the same role. Tequatl and Blightghast were equals. The only champion that is given a higher place among similar champions is the Sovereign Eye of Zhaitan tasked with guarding the Artesian Waters while the other Eyes patrolled Orr.

3) We do know what Drakkar and the Great Destroyer look like, from GW1 (Great Destroyer looks like a destroyer modeled after Kralkatorrik - fat body, long neck/tail, short insectoid legs). These two serves a different purpose than the Shadow of the Dragon or Blightghast - they serve the same role that Glint was meant to, as a herald. Dragon champions tend to fulfill one of three roles:

  • Defender: Defends territory, like the dragons above Orr and Morgus Lethe did for Zhaitan; Dragonspawn did for Jormag; The Shatterer did for Kralkatorrik (before becoming Death-Branded)
  • Assaulter: Leads armies to attack others, like Blightghast, Tequatl, and The Maw for Zhaitan, Claws of Jormag for Jormag, Destroyer of Life for Primordus, Octovines for Mordremoth
  • Herald: Their job is to be active while the Elder Dragon sleeps, defend them while they sleep, and gather magic once there's a signficant amount back into the world in order to wake them again, each Elder Dragon seems to only have one herald; known champions of this role were Glint (Kralkatorrik, betrayed), Drakkar (Jormag), The Great Destroyer (Primordus, killed), and possibly the risen Giganticus Lupicus (Zhaitan); Scarlet Briar ended up fulfilling this role for Mordremoth, despite not being properly corrupted.

4) They are not called dragon champions or dragon minions because they themselves are dragons. They're called such because they're minions/champions of a(n elder) dragon.

Though even this is fairly complicated as mordremoth was evidently not very dragon like physically,

You seem to be stuck on the traditional European design for dragons. If you look at other mythologies of the world, their design for dragons differ but are still called "dragons". Take the Chinese interpretation: a snake with stubby legs and antlers on their head. Mordremoth is fairly close to this design, which is the same as the Mystical Dragon miniature.

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@Teratus.2859 said:

@Teratus.2859 said:He is one of Jormags oldest champions.

His classification could fit Dragon but he could probably also be classed as a Great Drake or a Leviathan too.

Personally I am not a fan of the early concept art for him in Gw2 as in Gw1 he was far more draconid and almost plesiosaur like in formGw2's concept art makes him look more like a furry snake dragon which would be a huge design change that wouldn't go over well with many of us Gw1 fans.

This is what Drakkar clearly looks like in Gw1 should at the very least resemble in Gw2.

They did say that concept was a very early draft (the furry looking one) and wasn't representative of a final form yet.

That's good to know, hopefully they're paying attention to us Gw1 players as well and have decided to replicate the Gw1 design more.I really don't wanna see everyone mad and complaining about the design when the next patch drops lol

Totally understand that...although personally I prefer his newer design. A gigantic creature looking like that towering over everyone looks bloody cool in my mind's eye

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@Konig Des Todes.2086 said:

@"Arden.7480" said:I ask, because on this wiki page under "Dragons" there is Aurene, Jormag and for some reason Drakkar - why?

Likely listed as such because Drakkar is a dragon
His GW1 model and his GW2 concept art have no wings, but wings don't make a dragon or not (as we can tell with Mordremoth).

@"Kalavier.1097" said:He's a dragon, like the claws of Jormag, the Shatterer, Tequatl the sunless, Vlast, Glint, and the various undead dragons we fought in personal story/saw around Orr.

Not like Vlast. Drakkar is a dragon champion, which Vlast technically isn't; similarly different to everything you list, those are more traditional european-styled dragons in structure, while Drakkar so far is shown to be four-limbed, not six-limbed (aka lacking wings). Naturally given Mordremoth, they don't need wings.

A more apt comparison using dragon champions of every other ED would be "like Faolain to Mordremoth, Wraithbringer to Kralkatorrik, or Destroyer of Life to Primordus". Though Drakkar was given the same role and importance as the Great Destroyer and Glint (and, seemingly, the Giganticus Lupicus).

In "destiny's edge" book - zaithan has random undead pirate as his champion (pirate was named Morgus Lethe) and jormag had some1 named Dragonspawn (and it was some kind of shaman or smthn; not a dragon).

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dont forget Mordremoth, that thing looks nothing like a dragon in all forms, the DS form makes me think someone in Anet's artistic team probably watched too much japanese tentacle hentai

there's also bubbles, we have no idea how it will look when rendered, if it ever going to happen, but for something to swim in the sea it will need flippers, and a pair of giant wings would not make sense

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