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[NA]{Tarnished Coast} Fresh LvL 80 looking for casual guild


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Hello! I have been looking for an active guild that regularly runs LvL80 content. I have 4 level 80 characters, but have yet to experience much of the content due to a lack of friends, and gear. So, here I am on the quest for camaraderie, conquest, and exploration! Fractals, WvW, and PvP are just some of the GW2 content I haven't done much of. Bonus points if the guild is role play friendly! As I am interested in crafting legendary weapons I plan to also do map running frequently. I still don't know all the ins and outs of the game despite having played for a while, but I am excited to learn! So, if any of the above sounds like a match for your guild please be sure to share that information below.

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