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Dreadfall Bay (WvW) keep - gate went untargettable


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Just been playing on Abbadon's Mouth Home Borderland. Dreadfall Bay was held by blue and T3. We had taken out the north outer gate from the Veteran Iceworm and had a team of about 5 at the north inner gate. Two rams up and the gate was going down. The gate was at about 3% when I saw a blue player pounce on Warclaw behind the gate.

At that point the gate went untargettable and unattackable. No further damage. There was an intact gate graphic in front of us, but you could see a broken gate graphic behind this gate, needless to say we couldn't get in.

Not seen this bug before but it seems strange that it happened at exactly the same time that someone pounced with warclaw. Bug or ?

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