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Young, international guild lookin' for members!


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Marina and the Mordrems [MatM] is a young, international, EU-Server based guild looking for members.The guild is welcoming any playerbase from veteran, hardcore to casual, PvE, PvP to WvW; Raiders, Fractal and CM players, RPGers etc.;implying the guild won't focus solely on either of them!We are loosely organized by Ranks and Roles.A rank; is showing ones place in the hierarchy of the guild and ones purpose. One can raise or fall a rank. The ranks are also shown in the Guild Roster of GW2.Every member has a rank, but not all have a role.Roles; are not a rank specifically, they are rather a title added to a member of the discord server, granting them minor permissions to fulfill a certain task, such as making appointments for raids, guild missions etc.

Thematically the guilds theme is that of a cult that worships the "Jungle Dragon"(Mordremoth);our guild hall therefore is the Gilded Hollow at the heart of the Maguuma Jungle.The names for the ranks and partially for the roles are all Nahuatl or referencing aztec culture, but don't worry! All ranks and roles got a description in our Discord Server!While all of it may seem kinda complex, confusing or thematically sound like a guild only for dedicated RPG, it is not, as said, the opposite!The guilds theme is not to be taken too serious, the guilds name itself is a meme, referencing the artist Marina and the Diamonds.

Now the rules! Marina and the Mordrem[MatM] doesn't have many!

Prohibited behaviour

  1. Abusive or threatening behaviour
  2. Unwanted name-calling and insultsThe guild won't censor language unless someone feels insulted for being called names, in which case the name-calling is to be stopped, if it contuinues, report to higher ranks!
  3. DoxxingIs a criminal activity which gets you kicked immediately!
  4. Sexual harassment
  5. Causing or fueling inner guild conflicts("Drama")
  6. Do not engage in any activity that will bring the guild's name into disreputeNo gold selling, hacking, threatening, begging, spamming, criminal activity such as doxxing or sexual abuse
  7. Normalization of incest, sexually abusive behaviour, violence or pathological paraphilias such as pedophilia, zoophilia, necrophilia etc.
  8. No pornographyWhile nudity, strong language and vulgar content is legal in context of memes; explicit pornography itself is not!
  9. Toxicity towards newcomers, casuals, less skilled players and non-meta players(Elitism)While sharing information and advice is nice, some people feel more safe with a deviant build, don't need meta for the content they play or aren't as hardcore as others.Unless they're dishonest about agreements made with one another for teaming up, judgement is only welcome if critizism is accepted.
  10. Political ExtremismThings such as holocaust denial, trivializing the Third Reich etc.
  11. Racism, anti-semitism, misogyny, homophobia, rabble rousing etc.The guild won't usually censor language, opinions and personal beliefs unless they're violating this rule.

Appreciated behaviour(It is not obligatory only appreciated!)

  1. Guild-Representation:There is NO obligation to represent the guild!However, it is very appreciated especially if we team-up for things such as PvP, Raids, Fractals, Missions, Training etc!
  2. Guild-Recruitment:(In our cult also known as "seeding")There is neither an obligation to recruit nor do all ranks have the ability to add new members to the guild, nonetheless it is very appreciated. If your rank is not capable of adding new members you may ask for a higher rank!
  3. Guild-Missions:There is no obligation to participate in guild missions, it is still very appreciated since the guild is quite new! Help our guild to grow!
  4. Supporting the Guild in any way you can! Be it upgrading, claiming, recruiting, representing, teaming up or talking with members etc.!

Our Discord-Channel: https://discord.gg/K5v8EaR

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