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[PoF] Act 3: Where is the 19th achievement??

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Here is a list of the 19 Act 3 achievments from GW2 Efficency. Perhaps it will help you see what you are missing. For others reading it may contain spoilers.

! >Beastcatcher!>Catch up to the Warbeast in under 15 minutes.!>Story Mission: Beast of War

!>Who Needs a Magic Sword?!>Kill Balthazar without using Sohothin.!>Story Mission: To Kill a God

!>Clogged Drain!>Defeat Archon Iberu without ever letting him drain.!>Story Mission: Enemy of My Enemy

!>Master of Mummies!>Close the portal without ever switching to your personal skills.!>Story Mission: Enemy of My Enemy

!>Won't Get Killed Again!>Don't get killed by Balthazar's Ultimate Attack.!>Story Mission: To Kill a God

!>Destroy Additional Pylons!>Destroy all of the Forged Pylons, preceding the Warbeast, in the "Beast of War" chapter without dying.!>Story Mission: Beast of War

!>Explosives Expert!>Take out 10 Forged with a single mummy bomb.!>Story Mission: Enemy of My Enemy

!>Iberu, We Hardly Knew You!>Take out Archon Iberu in under 2 minutes.!>Story Mission: Enemy of My Enemy

!>Mummy Legion!>Have at least 15 mummies under your command.!>Story Mission: Enemy of My Enemy

!>Tag!!>Catch the Beast of the Valley five times in a single lap.!>Story Mission: Enemy of My Enemy

!>The Whole Story!>Stop and watch all of the memories.!>Story Mission: The Departing

!>Beast of War!>Complete the Beast of War mission.!>Journal: Beats of War Completed

!>Enemy of My Enemy!>Complete the Enemy of My Enemy mission.!>Journal: Enemy of My Enemy Completed

!>Saturday Night Fever!>Get the party started.!>Story Mission: Small Victory (Epilogue)

!>Small Victory (Epilogue)!>Complete the Small Victory epilogue.!>Journal: Small Victory Completed

!>Social Butterfly!>Talk to all of your party guests.!>Story Mission: Small Victory (Epilogue)

!>Speed Bumps!>Make it through the quicksand without hitting a Branded crystal.!>Story Mission: Beast of War

!>To Kill a God!>Complete the To Kill a God mission.!>Journal: To Kill a God Completed

!>The Departing!>Complete the Departing mission.!>Journal: The Departing Completed

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Who Needs a Magic Sword?Kill Balthazar without using Sohothin.Story Mission: To Kill a God

This is a HIDDEN achievement. It does not show up in the list of Act 3 achievements and thus does not count towards the 19/19 mark. The list consists of only 18 achievements!

P.S. Maybe the counter is bugged and you only need 18/18 then?

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Okay, just trying to help. I just recounted and the list I provided shows 19. I have not gotten that far in the story yet so have no idea if hidden ones end up counting at some point or not.

One last note according to Dulfy:

There are 16 visible achievements in Act 3. Three of the achievements are hidden. Completing all the achievements will give you 15 AP and Jahnus’s Stained Pectoral. (All three hidden achievements have been found!)

If you have completed all of them including the hidden ones and not received credit maybe it is bugged, you can try contacting support. Hopefully you find a solution to your problem.

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@Illconceived Was Na.9781 said:Hidden achievements have always counted for progress towards the umbrella achievement.

Okay, I did not know that because I usually got the non-hidden ones first. :)

What's weird is that PoF/Act 3 cannot be completed without at least one hidden one. It's ANet's game, so they can set things up as they like, but (a) it's confusing & (b) it's off-putting for people just trying to play.

That is very true. :+1:

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I did two of the last fight(s) hidden achievements and it bugged and didn't give it to me. Then i repeated it, with less confident results, though still managed and then I got it. So hopefully it's not still bugged.

Don't forget other than those two hidden last fight achievements, there is still a hidden dance one in the epilogue. Dulfy's guide is very clear, as all of them are

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