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Who are the top PvE guilds of all time?

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hard to say because "pve guild" can be anything...but theres guilds that stand out in certain areas, is hard to remember names at top head but lets go.

  • generic Pve content which leaders organize Pve open world meta runs, fractals runs, guilds events,and sometimes Raid training, also theyre very helpful to new players.
  • guilds specialized in open world farms.
  • guilds that are "rich guys" club, most them are also "farm guilds".
  • guilds that are specialized in beat some open world more hard bosses, by far the most famous here is TTS.
  • Raids specialized guilds, and raid-only dedicated guilds

Each niche had their own "most famous" guilds, i guess "most famous" is a bit relative, is just the ones which leaders are very active at recruiting in game.

i suspect Anet dont had any clue how content rich are these guilds subuniverse, these guilds are true jewels of the game.

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I agree that it would be very difficult to work out what counts as a top PvE guild. You could maybe do it for specific areas like raids or Fractals but not for all of PvE as a whole.

There's also guilds like [PINK] on EU who don't do anything the game would recognise as special but are well known and liked for the help they provide the community. [PINK] always have mesmers at the end of the daily jumping puzzle, often at daily mini dungeons too (if it's possible to portal through them) and will help with things like skyscale achievements too. And numerous guilds who are dedicated to helping new players, or players who are new to certain areas of the game. Again it's not something the game will recognise and track but it's very important to a lot of players and makes a big difference to their experience in GW2, but very difficult to quantify and I'm not sure a leaderboard would actually be beneficial.

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I don't know which guild is the "best" at pve in gw2, but there are a handful of famous guilds in the EU.

[CMAJ] - the best guild for music, bankstanding and trying to raid.

Snowcrows and [QTFY] are probably the only noticably famous guilds in the game, mostly because they host meta benchmarks and guides for raiding.

I'm not sure there are any more widely recognised PvE guilds, so it would be difficult to find the best.

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