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[NA] [Darkhaven] Former WoW GM/Mythic raider LF new casual home


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As stated, im a wow refugee who has found a new love in this game. I started out in beta and went live but unfortunately had to leave due to guild/friends not wanting to progress in gw2. With recent events in WoW i couldn't do it anymore since mythic raiding was becoming a second part time job and the state of the game is pretty much trash. I didnt care for ff14, ESO no one communicated on anything and SWTOR is just, SWTOR... I feel i kinda missed out the past 7 or so years of this but lucky for me this game is designed to have that type of content.

At the moment im looking for a pretty casual guild whos mainly who just wants to have fun and not care whats meta or wont get tilted during wipes (Iv had my fair share of this nonsense and im kinda over it by now). Im a former GM of a mythic progression guild with years of experience in the field so if any new guilds are looking for new officers i would be down to also help them grow. As of right now i work mainly 10-12 hours shifts so the guild im searching for would have to be late-night/early-morning EST type guild. Im into any type of PvX and even WvW since i was also pretty heavy into PvP in other games

My only condition is that the guild name be atleast decent and not edge lord style, i would like to walk around proud of my guilds name and not try to meme hard

*Please have discord for planned events i refuse to use other vc

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