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Veteran player LF friendly inclusive guild :)


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Hello all :)I've been playing since 2014 and I've been in my fair share of guilds, just looking for an active guild that likes to have fun in game. I try my best to log in every day, I'm helpful everywhere I can be, and I'm willing to learn the content that I don't know if need be. If I need to fill out any guild applications I can totally do that. I play at night in North America, Mountain time in Colorado, so a guild that's active during those hours is preferable but not necessary :)Xantes

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Hello Xantes,

I have a guild that might interest you.

We are XHSA. A community for dedicated players new and veteran alike. We were founded in GW1 in 2005 and presently have 150+ active and participating members. We pride ourselves on being a guild to last the ages and be a great place to make some long term friends.

To hit a few of your points. We are most active in the hours around server reset, evening hours US. We are active in just about everything but are heavily PvE and end game focused. Also, yes, we are a very active guild that likes to have fun and set up contests and events for our members to participate in.

If you would like to learn more about us. Please check our our recruitment page.https://redd.it/dbvmmg

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