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Revenant utility skill swap places template bug

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Messes up my habits, literally screwing the skill binds randomly back to default OR restores my own customized skills. I can't figure out a pattern and always have to double check, HUGE bug indeed.


Happens with all Legends, Herald being the least bothering because the facets seems to restore, but other legend skills stay stuck to their current slot.

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@Ayrilana.1396 said:The utilities still swap around so if this was supposed to have been fixed, it wasn't.

it wasnt fixed and it doesnt even need template-switch for the place change from skill

its happening when going on/off mount, in/out of water and even just through legend swap (really terrible if it happens in pvp, when u cant even correct the skill order)

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Yeah this bug is still in the game.

The worst part about it is sometimes it only swaps the skill positions, but not the skill icons . So say you normally have Skill A in slot 1 and Skill B in slot 2. On random map load, it will swap the slots but not the icons. So it will look like everything is fine on your skillbar, and you will only know your skills have been randomly jumblekittened once you go to actually use them. When this happens, Skill As icon will show in slot 1 like you want it, but it's secretly in slot 2 and the icons are wrong.



These two images showcase the problem in full. The position of Banish enchantment / Call to Anguish swapped, but it doesn't show this. Instead, pressing the key for slot 2 will activate Call to Anguish even though it shows Banish in the slot 2. This manifests in the second image as you can see that the UI is incorrectly showing Banish as having a cooldown, which is impossible. The opposite problem can also occur, where it shows skills in the wrong slot when in fact they are in the right slot.

So if you are playing revenant and using templates, you have to go through your skills on every map load to make sure they they have not been "Phantom" swapped in this manner.

Please Anet if yo uare reading this do not treat this as a low priority bug. It's very annoying.

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Yeah this is starting to reach an unreasonable time period for being unfixed. This bug can and will make you die when it strikes and should be seen as a priority A bug. It has yet to even be acknowledged.

Really getting tired of having to remember to check each and every one of my skills to make sure they have not been randomly rearranged.

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I get this problem as well (both before and after the latest big balance patch). When the build templates were first introduced, it was also a problem, it was patched and worked fine for a while, but at some point returned.

It seems to only occur each launch of the game (I can fix all templates and they'll be fine from then on until I restart the game), and I can occasionally on rev get two abilities in a slot rather than the skills swapping. Because I see the tiles animate for the two problem abilities, I have to assume either the build system first loads a default order and then unreliably fixes the user desired order, or there is faulty data where there is a skill in the wrong slot and the order in which skills swap is unreliable (or just outright fails like below):epvP115.png

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