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Mace Guard: Is Symbol of Faith just terrible in PvP?


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First off, I know my build is janky, if you want to tell me to play condi thief instead, take a number. :)

Symbol of Faith seems like a terrible weapon skill. It's a slow cast time for a small stationary damage/regeneration patch. Without some trait to leverage it (like maybe with Altruistic Healing it becomes viable?) it seems like I should just never hit this button. Auto-attack looks better. Am I missing something?

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You might want to run it with “Aegis heal on block” trait and “Symbol heal, duration +2s” trait. Those are the obvious synergies, unless you’re crazy enough to run Zeal.

I don’t know what kind of Guard you’re planning to make, so I’m just wildly guessing.

The first major trait in Honor is dependent on whether you’re Symbolic DH or Symbol Firebrand; if you’re DH you can take Mace CD no problem, but if you’re Firebrand the “Prot Symbol on heal” works really well with Mantra of Solace for instant Protection even when CC’d.

Mace adds a lot of on-demand sustain over other Main-hand weapons, but you have to position and kite with Jump Puzzles better since it has no mobility. Axe is such a good pick on Firebrand you won’t run without it unless you’ve got some weird ideas, but you can try out the other weapons outside of FB.

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