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Rank Q bug

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IV had a big as well after the template addition.when loading into a PvP match I was unable to use any of ulitilies at all. It's like you never test anything. I started the match off as reaper but we had like 3 reapers so I switched to warrior. Had to load up into lion arc 1st because the toon wasn't parked in the mist. When it finally (I say finally because it took an absorbant amount of time way more then usual to load in) loaded up into the PvP match I was unable to use any utilities 6-0. Also I was missing an entire trait line none of the traits were selected in the specialization. So not only was I unable to use any heals, stun brakes, Condi clears, elite skills, I was missing an entire trait line because something wasn't tested before hand. I swear anet gets worse and worse with each update. Nothing was properly tested

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