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Races starting improperly

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While the race in Amnoon works perfectly, races on other maps are having a bunch of start issues.

  • Riverlands - Disqualification goes off if you start the race when it pops. You have to wait about 5s after the race starts to leave the now-invisible start box to avoid disqualification.
  • Desolation - The first gate doesn't activate until about 15s after the race starts, so if you start on time you have to double back and start over to get the first gate to work.
  • Highlands - Start box is not aligned with the visual, so you can get disqualified even though you are visibly in the box. Also issues with first gate activation and with disqual popping even though the race has started.
  • Vabbi - Starts properly but has issues with dismounting becoming nonfunctional, making it impossible to do the needed mount swapping to finish.
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The first gate in The Desolation can have trouble activating even after minutes have passed from race start. I've tested this by disqualifying myself and starting the race over multiple times. I've had the problem on at least the Jackal mount. The Desolation's mount race's first gate activated (turned green) about 9.2 seconds late on a random attempt and about 9.5 seconds late on another and it's consistent in its general lagginess.

On top of that I think you always need to wait the race event to pop (the green gate if it's not laggy / 5.00 minutes time remaining) before leaving. Granted I've only played on 3 race tracks. Race start is not starting at the same time the waiting timer goes to zero and disappears which can cause some confusion in players leaving early (not bug, I hope).

Another thing I might be completely wrong about is race starting time could be different from player to player. I've started races close to frame perfect (verified from video) where others started well before me (talking about 0.2 seconds + without disqualifying. Enough to cost me one race, lol). I have about 40 ping. I don't know if this one is of any priority to anyone really.EDIT: Race starting area is rather generous (Crystal Oasis) and not limited to the visual starting area so that expains most of the above. It's not generous enough to prevent disqualifications tho especially with the hugging the blue line meta (and of course if somebody starts with a raptor leap, which they should). Now I see daily people that get disqualified for "leaving early". Then they maybe WP away because they might not know you can re-start the race for yourself from the race organizer. Disqualification sounds so final when it's on the screen. If there was also something along the lines of "if you like you can start the race over by talking to the race organizer." people might actually not miss on on the race altogether.

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