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Loss of autoattack of bundle after mounting

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If we take a bundle weapon and assign an auto-attack on one of its skills, then mount and dismount, our autoattack disappears. Not a critical bug, but noticeable nuisance.Example:In Lornar's Pass area we can take a rifle Essence Coagulator near the heart giver NPC Researcher Suki. Let's assign the autoattack on Coagulation Shot (1), it's the most frequently used attacking skill of this rifle. Then mount (for example, the Raptor) to move close to the quest objectives and dismount. Our autoattack becomes lost and we have to assign it again.To reproduce, you can take any object which gives attacking skills, like a plank, shovel etc. Assign autoatack, then mount and dismount.Expected:The bundle weapon should keep the autoattack assignment like a normal profession-related weapon, even if we use a mount to move around the area.

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