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Is there a way to toggle Gear + Trait template together?


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I seem to remember someone at Anet saying they were working on a way to bind an equipment template and build template to the same key, but didn't want to delay the release of the templates until that was possible.

I agree it would be a useful option to have, but I'm glad we can equip them seperately as well. My Weaver uses the same equipment for PvE and WvW, but different skills and traits and my engineer has a second equipment template set up basically as weapon swap (one is pistol/pistol, one is hammer). It would be annoying if I had to swap them together because then I'd have to waste a build or equipment template duplicating all the stuff I want to keep the same - I'd probably stick to switching manually if I had to do that.

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@"mes.4607" said:I find it weird how instead of 'build' templates we got separate gear + trait templates... Doesn't make sense to me. Is there a way to combine them? If not, I'd like to recommend that we get a panel that can do both at the same time...

It's actually a pretty cool feature, having the two types of set being capable of independently swapping. Actually, for many players (including myself), forcing Equipment Set+Build to be invariably linked would make adapting to certain environments/fights/etc. merely an exercise in frustration, and reduce character flexibility of fighting style an inescapable clusterphuq (pardon my "Algonquian-French" xP).

The ability to switch weapon sets independently from the your currently equipped build ("trait templates") makes what has nearly always been a bad-ass MMORPG epic, and allows for some very flexible and—at times, even—life-saving gameplay and tactics, at least in my experience. Granted I have only seriously (i.e., religiously x]) been playing GW2 for a year and a few months, but I don't think I'd be classed as a newbie. Actually, if memory serves, I believe it was just after I started playing every day (and about when this post was written, I think) that this feature was released. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Memory does NOT always serve me. xP

Having said all this, however, I completely understand your frustration and share parts of your point of view. I've been unable to find how to bind a single keybind to change both equipment set and build simultaneously, and this is a problem, because often it'd be more convenient to change them at the same time. :anguished: Anyway, I just thought I should put my two cents in, too, even though my reply is a tad late hehe.

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