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[Bug] Dismounting as a Trickery and/or Daredevil Thief empties 3 initiative and/or one endurance bar

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So, I submitted a bug report on the game about the Initiative issue, but I did not notice the endurance issue.

Thieves who spec in Trickery have a trait called "Preparedness," which is given to them as one of the "base" traits. Preparedness increases maximum initiative by 3. Daredevils get a third endurance bar.

I noticed whenever I dismount in any way (I haven't tested being knocked off a mount), my thief's initiative bar has 3 empty initiative diamonds. They regenerate fast, but if I'm going in for an attack, I will be three initiative down, giving me a disadvantage in combat. The same goes for my third endurance bar: it's empty upon dismounting and endurance regens more slowly. For Daredevils who use Channeled Vigor, this is huge hit as the maximum heal goes down because the Daredevil doesn't have full endurance once attacking off a mount or dismounting. If being knocked off a mount triggers these bugs then healing will be a major issue and escape/combat more difficult down 3 initiative.

I'm guessing mounts are designed in a way which don't take bonus endurance/initiative/other into account when dismounting. I'm guessing other professions are going to have similar issues if they have traits like the Thief's Preparedness and the Daredevil's extra endurance bar.

And yes, I've tested this multiple times, mostly out of battle, with full initiative and endurance before mounting. This is a PvE issue only since WvW doesn't allow mounts, nor does PvP.

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