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Mount license preview button!!! Thank you anet!


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I sure complained when it wasn't there so I better appreciate that you added it. Thank you anet team! It was so weird to have to buy the license to preview what was available. This is soooo much better.

My wish list does still include exo-suit skins for skyscale, roller beetle and warclaw. Preferably as a new complete set, but can live with buying them in various licences. Ooh and same for the mad realm set. Snapped that up right away. Hoping it did well at that it bodes well for finishing up the sets I already love.

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I didn't even notice that had been added!

I agree it's a very good addition. It was possible to preview them by going to the mount menu and searching through them for the new ones, but that requires remembering which ones are not new or reading the description on mouse-over for each one, which gets increasingly irritating to do each time a new set is released.

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