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[Questions] Do both the expansion packs go on sale very often?

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One bit of good news: you only need to buy Path of Fire and you'll get Heart of Thorns included for free.

As for sales it's hard to say for sure as I don't think they're on a regular schedule. But the most likely times are either at the end of November when the USA has 'black Friday' the day after Thanksgiving (which is increasingly turning into a whole weekend, or even week of sales online), or in January when they often do sales (probably aimed at people who got money for Christmas).

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I bought PoF for my son and got HoT free totalling the same as when I bought both on sale previously for my daughter a year before. I don't know if there will be a sale any time soon with the first expansion free with purchase of the second going on. $30 for both standard editions is the lowest I have ever seen and is the current price I believe.

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@"Trise.2865" said:Depends on how you define "often", but they tend to run a discounted price at least twice a year.

To my knowledge the expansions have never been discounted in the Gem Store itself.

They've never been sold in the Gem store. Closest being a deluxe upgrade for existing owners for like $15 worth of gems iirc

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