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Something is WRONG with Match-ups / Matchmaking


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Something is definitely wrong with matchmaking in this season. A few days ago i lost 7-8 game in a row because of new PvP players who jumps up to game just now. I said " Maybe there is something i can't see with them " and stopped playing. Then 2 days ago same thing happened and i talked some of them if they are new or not and some of them told me they are qualifying for first time. And then today , i saw this in my match. 2 teams vs no team solos .


As a 8 years old gw2 gamer , i can tell something is wrong with this match-ups.

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Games like this happen all the time, as i'm sure you know with your 8 years of experience.

Easy fix: Put teams in their own queue and remove the restriction of only Duos. Put SoloQ players(AKA the vast majority of players) in their own queue separate to premade teams. Problem solved.

At the very bare minimum: Add a cap on how far apart two ratings can queue together like almost every other competitive game does, and don't feed highly rated overpowered DuoQ's by throwing easy games at them in favor of waiting in queue forever. They know what they're doing, they should be forced to wait until it's somewhat accurately mirrored. Just because it'l never happen, doesn't mean everyone else should have to suffer for it.

Games like that are DuoQ working as intended. Let's not forget we as a community voted for DuoQ to come back. Even though it just barely passed, the vote was incredibly underhanded with little fanfare, and most the people who would have voted yes have multiple alt accounts on the leaderboards now; let alone for the vote itself when it happened.

DuoQ exactly as is, is the saving grace though. The one thing that makes this game playable or so i've been told.

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