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Scooby Doo called, they want their bad guy outfit back...

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@"Mewcifer.5198" said:With the right dyes it could be a go-go dancer.

Or a go-away dancer. That'd be fine.

The worst part of it is the physics. None of it looks like it'd stay on the moment you moved. Mask looks alright, gauntlets are okay, I see they at least tried to give you skin tats which some players have wanted. The rest seems formless or, if a female model, very obviously designed for sex appeal. Can't see a use for such a mish-mosh design, but at least there's the Arctic Explorer Outfit for a more practical look.

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Lisa shakes her head in confusion. I came to the forums to comment on this outfit, saw this thread was already made, jumped in and found a lot of folks hating on this outfit!!!!

I came not to hate, but to praise it.

My male Norn, in his Abyssal Sea dyed outfit, all parts dyed Abyssal sea, looks like he is ready to summon a whole hoard of Ravens to attack Jormag :)

If I have anything to hate about it, it would be that he is wearing the outfit exclusively and ignoring the armor I worked hard to get right for him...and I may have to rename him something more fitting for a "Master Of Ravens."

Anet, I know this is buried hip-deep in a "this outfit is stupid" thread, but, if some kindly soul ends up seeing this, will you thank the outfit maker for me?? I would appreciate it.

Lisa-Wandering off muttering to herself that she needs to find a flock of Ravens.

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@Tyncale.1629 said:Or a Wookie. It's not pretty. People buy this? I hope the next round of BL stuff will be more Utility related again. :)

Lisa gleefully responds...I bought it yesterday as soon as I saw it. Loving it.

People like different things..on a serious note, my mom is suffering from Dementia and I am her caretaker. I need something silly in my life...

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@Julischka Bean.7491 said:

@"Melech.4308" said:To each his/her own; in this case, for those who want to look like a sasquatch

Or for those who want to look like a "Commander of Ravens."

My male Norn is wearing this outfit bravely into the next living story...wonder if there will be ravens there for him to command :)

Probably, but they'll be atop the haunted Lighthouse

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Looks like someone was rummaging around in a '60's costume drawer. The thing needs to be taken outside and burned. I wish we could turn outfits on other players off, to a default gear like pvp, instead of being inflicted with this hideous eyesore. This is even worse than those mordrem outfit abominations, yuck!

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