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Would you Add some features from guildwars1?

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Dear Arenanet,

I played this game for a long time now.But there are some things i really mis in this game because I played guildwars 1 aswell.The variation of skills like for a warrior with an axe you only have 5 skills for the weapon in guildwars 2.In guildwars 1 you had an larger variety of skills.I really miss that feeling in guildwars 2.And when you join a guild there is no guildcape in guildwars 2.I loved that in guildwars 1.Maybe you can take this things in consideration.

I like too hear from you guys soon,Regards Mitchell

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Ever since Heart of Thorns was released, Guild Wars 2 surpassed Guild Wars 1 in variety and number of skills available, Path of Fire widened the gap even further. Also, Guild Wars 2 has a much greater number of skills available at all times, which combined with the active combat makes a far more complex game to play. I'm not sure we need the extra complexity of slotting different skills, just weapon swap and voila you get more skills. Or use a transform or a bundle skill.

Regarding capes, I never understood the popularity I always had my capes hidden (except GvG/PvP of course) in Guild Wars 1 because they were hiding the character

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Pet leveling. I miss leveling up my pets, even though it did become tedious after a while. I fully understand why they removed that feature when transitioning from GW1 to GW2, but it definitely made me much more attached to my pets in GW1 when I had to put so much work into leveling them up. I also miss the Menagerie, and being able to showcase all of the pets you'd spent so much time leveling up.

On that note, it would be neat if the Hall of Monuments could make a comeback. It already exists in-game as a way to collect rewards from your connected GW1 account, it would be cool if we could put some work into rare titles and such to unlock various things in the GW2 HoM as well, even if it were strictly superficial.

And pre-Searing. I miss pre-Searing Ascalon. I have no idea how that could possibly be incorporated into GW1 and I suspect it would be practically impossible to recreate, but pre-Searing is still one of my favorite things about GW1. It was like a mini MMO within an MMO. (If you can even call GW1 an MMO, that is...)

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