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What would be the perfect 5 elementalist pvp team? And how would your 50 ele WvW squad look like?


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As stated in the title: What would you pick if you had to participate in a pvp tournament with a team of five eles? Which builds/specialisation and tactic would you think is best?Which synergies would be cool?

Same question for WvW: You have 49 competent eles under your commando, what would be the composition? What would be the tactics? Which weaknesses and which strength the group would have?

I know that both doesnt seem that viable, but I spend quite some time dreaming about this,


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My idea for a group in a wvw squad:

2 staff weaver dps http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGQAYlFw8YdsI2JO6KbvMA-zRRYBhJGF4yopEoiCw2B-e1 d/wh tempest healer http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgEgEWGBjh5x6YlYabd1qB-zRJYjRDfZEUCUdB47A-e1 d/wh tempest auramancer support http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgEgEWGBjh1w8Yl4ZPl2+B-zRJYjRDfZEUBkeC47A-e1 sc/f weaver dps http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgAs2lNw8YIsI2JWWXvvMA-zRRYBhJGN4yopEoiCw2B-e

Main weakness would be lack of boonstrip, meaning I couldnt rely on cc/immobs when getting pushed, and id have to dps through perma protection and aegis spam. This pretty much guarantees that this wouldnt work vs another coordinated group. There would also be no stealth making pushing pretty hard, I would have to stay high mobility with superspeed and lightning flash/mist form. Try to make space for the staff weavers with immobs, cc, chill, kiting etc. Tempests are purely for support, boons and additional cc. Sc/f weaver is to focus and 1 shot enemy necros, and proc spellbreaker defensives early. My squad wont have boon corrupts so id need to get rid of theirs quick.

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Ooh this is a fun idea.

For zerging in WvW:1x Staff Support Tempest (full minstrel)1x D/Wh Support Tempest (full minstrel) running arcane power/arcane wave with immobilization trait for CC3x 80% zerker 20% marauder Staff DPS Weavers

x 10 to make 50

for PvP:1x Staff Support Tempest (full minstrel)1x Fresh Air Sc/F 80% zerker 20% marauder1x 60% marauder 40% zerker Staff DPS (fresh air & staff dps would stick very close to support tempest and protect mid)2x Fire/Arcane/Weaver Sw/D running Sage amulet & Orr rune with sigil of cleansing, energy, running all the proper traits for PvP

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The question basically comes down to what every team in PvP needs: 1. A build that can hold a node until help arrives, so a Sword Weaver of either variation. 2. A support to re-sustain a teamfight which means Support Tempest. 3. Someone to do the damage in the teamfight so likely a bruiserish Core Ele with daggers. 4. A fast +1 which would likely mean FA Weaver. 5. Is likely another Teamfight DPS or Sidenoder.

@Stand The Wall.6987 said:ofc germans did thiskitten germans lool

IKR. For some weird reason I always get placed into primarily german speaking megaservers, and it's driving me bloody nuts.

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