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New Ideas.. Anet PvP Team, Hope it can interest you!


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Hello, Grochaton there.

Since many months, maybe year(s), i'm thinking about new ways to give a little bit (just a little bit) of hype to players, thinking about new small things that can improve the experience. I will give you those ones, and maybe argument a bit, in which way it can help. Globally it will be to improve teamplay level, and experience.

  1. Ranked seasons :
    • Give us Back Ranked Team Queue: Over years and years, seasons and seasons, PvP Level decreased constantly. and it's not improving at all... Imo, one of the reasons, is people can't play most of the time as a team and improve their team gameplay, or even their global gameplay. As i remember GW2 PvP is a 5v5 team game mode. It's really a shame to play a PvP game Mode and cant play with teammates like we did before (remember Good old times bros), or even like you can do in every other "competitive" games.
      But you can tell me "there are ATs" , but i will come back on the subject later. It's not by playing Games, with your whole team, twice a week that you will improve anything, and so you will take more pleasure playing with friends. And it's not by playing solo/duo that you will improve anything except maybe your personal gameplay.. that is not enough almost everytime to win ATs or pretend be able to win ATs. And that's probably why Solo/duo level is decreasing over years and years.Playing full team regularly will improve many things: communication, awareness, rotation skills, kiting, many other stuffs... By playing with other players, even better players, you can give and take advices, and improve globally faster than you can ever do in solo/Duo. That will allow you to play then against better players, and give rivalry, new challenges against better teams progressively.And in this way, if there are any improvements, Solo/Duo level will increase, Games will be with better quality, and more enjoyable. But if things change in that way, it will change really slowly, so it will take many months before seeing any changes. SO imo, we have to act as fast as possible.
  • 2v2 : I know ANet talk about doing 2v2 seasons, in off season. But i think that should be done at the same time as the 5v5 season. As we've seen, 2v2 tournaments were really successfull events. It bringed a lot of people. So it will be a great thing to give a regular season, contemporary to solo/duo season. It will bring many people, giving them opportunity to enjoy more sometimes, and relying more on their own fighting skills than overall conquest skills. It can bring people from WvW, PvE, than can maybe get more interest in PvP and especially conquest Mode (So maybe more people in Conquest Mode)
  1. ATs :
    • Schedule : Imo best thing to do is to give regular schedule for ATs. With always changing Schedules, it's really hard to play regularly with teammates. For only one week, i tried to write how much teams where engaged in each ATs . I know one week is not enough to estimate how constant it is, but i get that stats :From 1:15 am (CET) to 9:15 am : from 4 to 8 teams.From 10:15 to 15:15 : from 10 to 13 teams.From 16:15 to 00:15 am : from 16 to 24 teams.So Maybe it can be interesting to put regular schedules like : 14:15/17:15/20:15/23:15, or 14:15/18:15/21:15/00:15 for example. And stop early time ATs.
  • Weekly ATs : Other thing that could be great is to incorporate Weekly ATs, on a regular Day in the week, as it was before with ESL. So maybe incorporate Weekly ATs on thursday (as it was before) or on sunday for example. And with that kind of special ATs, better rewards than usual ATs.

  • Swiss are already scheduled, but it's really important to incorporate them fast. It will avoid to every team, early elimination frustration, and allow teams to fight more teams of the same level, and so improve too.

  1. "All Star Game" :

    • This idea came with last season.. I was really disappointed, seeing the match manipulation keeps continuing seasons after seasons to get "titles" (even from people i didnt think they were able to). SO finally i had an idea to make people fight more "fairly" for Top 10 especially. And probably extend it to Top 25.The first idea was to celebrate, at the end of each season, an All-Star Game Night with every top 10 in NA and EU. Top 1 and 2 choose their team in turn between all the top 10 players( top 11,12 etc if one of the top 10 player isnt available). Games can be played in Bo5, and the rewards for each player really interesting so player can fight for that top10 ( like 1600 Gems each player, or legendary weapons.. etc for winners and losers gets like 800 Gems and precursors wepons)That idea can be increased to top 16. So 4 teams with Bo3 Semifinals and Bo5 Finals.
  2. Rewards : Increase the rewards.

    • Ranked Season : Stop with only Titles and potions. Actually the rewards are not proportionnal to the time duration of the season, and the invest. Give golds, Gems or interesting things and proportionnal to the Game Mode. If you have a Solo/Duo, 5v5 Ranked and 2v2 Ranked game Modes, give rewards that can be in that order: 5v5 > Solo/Duo >= 2v2. So people keep interest in conquest 5v5 and do not leave it for only 2v2 for example.
  • ATs : Same Rewards in Monthly, and if Weeklys appears, give like 100 golds, tournament vouchers, potions etc.. for winners, and decreasing with the place in the tournament.

Don't hesitate to add any ideas you can have, comment or give any advice.

Have a good evening.

PS : Also one other thing, and i regret it's only have been many years ago and only for Worlds. Pls Put a announcement in the right corner, to inform people that there are some event's streamed, like Monthlys, or any other special events. You never did for ESL (weekly and monthly), and it would be a great thing to give the information. So it will increase the visibility of the events!!!

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I like the part about promoting in-game pvp events with in-game announcements, but it also should be done via official channels, twitter, start game client window, even official twitch channel can host the caster for a duration.

There are other good ideas, but we have to start with the small things, 2v2 offseason along with some pvp marketing can make a good start.

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The suggestions about ATs are very good. 2v2 would obviously be good aswell. I still don't see the population for a 5v5 queue at this point, even though it could be tried with one Q that is actually solo (not duo) and one for full teams. The all-star game would probably be hard to organize since people have different online times, also I don't see how this would change any of the issues with matchmaking and manipulation.

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@Falan.1839 said:The suggestions about ATs are very good. 2v2 would obviously be good aswell. I still don't see the population for a 5v5 queue at this point, even though it could be tried with one Q that is actually solo (not duo) and one for full teams. The all-star game would probably be hard to organize since people have different online times, also I don't see how this would change any of the issues with matchmaking and manipulation.

I think the population is there, more or less, but we have consider that the plat population is not the only pvp population. And there are a lot of Gold/silver/bronze players that maybe want to play more as a team, and cant because they're getting eliminated eatly in AT, so they can't take pleasure with play what should be a team gamemode.For all star Game, if you fix a date , the ASG is schedule, if people cant be there, then the priority goes to 11, 12 etc to be a substitute.And imo if you give that kind of game, with a bigger reward if you are participating, people will tryhard more... so maybe less WT. I think there is something to try.

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If anything more tryharding probably means more wintrading unfortunately. About Ranked Team Q: Yes, there would be some silver/gold teams but even those would probably not get balanced matches very often. I am not categorically against it, but I think the hype for a team Q would die out pretty fast.

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I honestly dont mind if any of your suggestions are implemented, but I also dont think it'll really change the population.As is so often the case, most of these suggestions will only "reward" the top players even more.

I have never quite understood how team matchmaking could every be balanced. You're either locked into a team for a season; which would fail as people may not be able to play the exact same time everyday etc. Or, (for example) the top 5 players group together rotating through their smurfs accounts just farming everyone.

The mode desperately needs more players as is so that even the current matchmaking can function properly, the only way I see that happening is if they make gold per hr from winning matches then highest farm in the game, with losing still being very close. This of course would bring in more afk pip farmers, but potentially with more active players they would be pushed far down the ranking system.

For players to improve, they need to be on more equal footing: I can improve losing in close matches as the TTK can still be "long" enough to see what's going on. VS ATs where I often have no idea whats going on with all the porting/stealth/cc/explosion death fest at spawn I get against "proper teams". Death Recap needs a serious update too, on a seperate note.

As I said, I'm not against your ideas, I just dont see them helping the mode. Just rewarding the hardcore for not quitting the game.

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I like your ideas for AT's and the idea of a team queue/2v2 arena, hopefully separate to the SoloQ ladder.

I don't like the idea of an "All star game" because even with the barebones seemingly meaningless reward of titles, the population of top players still feel the need to wintrade, smurf, and hog multiple leaderboard spots with alt accounts. Offering them more rewards and more attention only gives them more incentive to employ those shady tactics. Seems like a bad idea in every way possible. When someone is having an ego-trip, the worst thing you can do is feed it. I feel like the only attention some of those players should get is a ban for some of the aforementioned tactics, and; for the ones who are humble and play just for the sake of playing, extra rewards and attention aren't even needed to keep them interested, rare as that quality is in Gw2's top-pvp playerbase.

I don't think rewards should be increased in ranked either, because pip farming chests is already one of the best ways to make gold in the game in general, and that already attracts a bunch of PvE players who couldn't care less about winning, losing, their team, or even playing at all. I think the best thing they could do is either add pips to unranked and make Ranked more bearable to play, or make it so that rewards are given exclusively for winning in ranked, and not as a participation award, and definitely not tied to queue-type. Merged queues already make the game incredibly toxic with just the two we have now, creating one style of play that's objectively easier in a gamemode that requires the harder queue-type to even work. If the novelty of getting new content added to pvp isn't enough to engage people, then it just shouldn't be added. Rewards should stay the same across every iteration of ranked, and every queue-type in order to keep resentment between players down to a minimum.

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I dont really see how an allstar competition reduces wintrading, I think it actually stimulates wintrading. The current rank on the leaderboard is basically without any proper accuracy of skill, and especially not accurate enough to make a top 10 or top 20 eligible for an allstar game. The rotating schedule of daily ATs is fine, but they definately should make some sort of rotating schedule for the mAT. Always the saturday evening is kitten annoying for a lot of people. Ranked team queue wont happen but is hopefully replace by Swiss? (in 2024).

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Actual rewards for ranked are what we need. Not to mention a little more competition for the pvp scene though I don’t really feel like commenting on how to improve that because it’s a boring and somewhat toxic convo half the time. Titles are 1 reward that stands out like you don’t get a title in many other games just a badge. But I want a real reward for being top 25 or 10 or w.e give gold for these titles or like your suggestion of an mvp season - give weapons games like lol give skins for pvp we could possibly get like a choice of obsidian weapons. Ats are kind of dumb and I don’t even wanna get top 3 in mAts for an ascended just ranked

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Bump !

Also i would love to see :a) Vases that can be picked up and be thrown to the enemies for 12x Vunubility , or stun .Or hidden among them (or the vases near the roads or over the map) theres a chance to drop an upgradable form of your existing main Weapon , that removes Boons (or Knockback once) with every 3rd attack , but constatly be frozen.b) For 1v1 => Near the enemy Portait theres a moon-shape line that has 3 circles .Each one is smaller than the other , and a cursor that goes up-down in high speed . If u you waste a dodge and time it correctly to touch the upper tinniest circle , your next attack removes Boons . (and another moon-shape on the other side , for giving you buff , if you correctly use the Utilities) .(Only Core specs have this mechanics ..... and Renegade . Increasing the speed of the cursor for some proffesions and slower for others)c) On the side of the UI theres 3 holes . Small random chance ingame to see an orb to pick it up... and even a higher chance when a team8s dies....alot.The person who has died the least + have captured atleast 1 orb (roamers) or whoever 'pass thei turn'', may choose which ord to fill in the 3-holes UI :The bonus effects of those 3-holes-UI effect all friends and enemies in the match in the same time :1) The first attack for everyone crits2) The blablabla does not crit3) Removes boons4) Every1 gets Protection on hit for 3 sec5) Every1 get Stealth on the first cc

Or create a scenario where : 1st attack= Crit , 4th Stealth , 9th CritEdit : The next time an enemy dies , they will choose 1 of the 3 senqences and change it for their benefit => like chess

So you must calculate , if your are going to protect the player that keep dying ...alot... but in the same time how it will affect the enemies also .

d) Coppied PvP Amulet , with less stats but with an effect (removed boon) with every 3rd attacke) Change of the day/nightime . Crit and Condition increase on night ? Condition Removal + Toughness Decrease at Day ?f) Under the UI map , there is an other UI similar of the map but more feint .Its tracks your location .As a Roamer goes from base to base and in the meantime if his movement creates the letter ''H'' on the fentier UI , all his team8s gets Movement Speed for 3 min

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