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Elementalist's Death Breakdown


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@Zephoid.4263 said:In the chat, there a chat type you can turn on for combat that gives you a detailed log of all the damage you do and take. Its much better than the death recap thats been broke for a large part of GW2s history.

Unless one can immediately recall a particular thing that did the majority of the work which resulted in one's death, the combat log is almost utterly worthless considering how it tracks all incoming damage from all sources, all outgoing damage from the player, and how everyone in GW2 strikes multiple times a second mid-burst; not even accounting for the chaos of any given fight that is scaled beyond a 1v1.

tl;dr: Yes, use the combat log featured in the tabs above the chat box, but you might have to sort of already know what killed you if you want to make any sense of that slurry of numbers and damage sources.

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You are seeing the death breakdown. Using vapor form is considered by the game as being revived and then downed again, so you lose the breakdown of your previous alive state due to it being replaced by the vapor form "alive state." Another side effect of this is that if you get rallied after a vapor form, you will receive two downstate penalties from technically only having been downed once.

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