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Noob question regarding undecipherable codes . . .

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You can also copy paste it into chat. If you look up items on the Wiki they will have the code available for that purpose. Once pasted in they can be previewed via right click, or if they are something like a waypoint or poi you can left click to open the map to that location. If you don't want to spam chat with links you can whisper to yourself, use a guild chat with no one else active, etc.

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You might also see longer codes around now, like [&DQYlGR81MDfHEicPvgFOAaUSpRLDEsMSJgCWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]

Those are build templates. Like other codes you can click on it to get a preview of the build, and then you'll also have the option of applying it to your character (if they're the right profession) or saving it to your library. Or you can just save the chat code somewhere and use that to get it back later.

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