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[EU][PvE][Raids][Semi-Hardcore]Neo Synergy


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On 1/14/2022 at 10:11 PM, Draganel.5342 said:

Hello. I just hit level 80 today. I come from Wow. I realy like guild wars, and i would love a guild that is pve. the only issue is if you want an noobie player. I play scourge for the moment. i have a level 80 boost so i can boost another char there.

Sorry but we are looking for experienced players in GW2 raids (because knowledge of boss, strats and versatility is important for us). However, I would recommend you to start with a guild that is starting raids or joining training guilds to learn about raids in gw2.


Still LF 1 war banner or 1 quickness provider

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  • Ashyrra.2109 changed the title to [EU][PvE][Raids][Semi-Hardcore]Neo Synergy

With EOD, we still want to maintain our solo heal run for raid full clear. However, we need to adapt the composition as it became impossible to have just a few support to provide boons. Therefore, we're looking for players eager to play dps roles and brining some support.

LF 3 players:

  • 1 banner war (power + condi + able to do g1 dhuum + kill add on SLH)
  • 2 dps "support" (= able to play a few roles between the following: SLB Spirits (+ kite Q1), quickness (qfb, harbinger, chrono, scrapper), alac (condi mech, specter, stax mirage, renegade both power+condi) 
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