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[Teef] Last chance for Deadeye Training! (Discord Link)


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Last night went well despite my microphone crapping out on me, forcing me to switch to typing and relying on a middleman who did splendidly. The training will happen at same time (6pm eastern) today in the same place. Same rules apply. Make sure you are in Discord and the Guild Hall for training. We will be doing some firsthand training this go around. And if we get enough people in the guild hall this time, we might bust out some pvp missions to put what was said into practice. That is assuming everyone has time of course. Otherwise, we will be recording a vid and you can review what was shown there.

Anyways, just a reminder that there is one more lesson to be completed.

I have made a discord server for this weekend's training. [Teef] members, temp or not, will be directed to it 30 minutes prior. If you want to participate and have not done asked for an invite, click on the link at the bottom of this comment and ask for one so you may enter our guild hall. A few things to note:

  • Talking on voice chat is prohibited unless you are a [Teef]istrator or [Teef]erator or are given an opportunity to speak. If the training is constantly interrupted, that would reduce the video and training quality. But there will be plenty of opportunities given to verbally discuss what is being talked about.
  • The chat that will be used for typing questions during the training sessions will be /map. It is recommended that you post your questions on /map so we can read and attempt to answer them.
  • EU players will use /guild instead of /map to type their questions so we can keep things organized and more easily readable.
  • After the training is concluded, you have a choice to stay with the guild or not. We will also be running pvp missions (need favor desperately) after the training, if anyone wants to participate.
  • Be kind, courteous, respectful and considerate. Discuss, do not argue. Venting is fine (do it in /whisper), drama is not. Otherwise, you will get kicked from the guild and discord. c:

Discord: https://discord.gg/JgsW2kr

A video will be posted some time after the training finishes Saturday. For those of you in Eu, I believe you can still get on discord and listen to the class.

If you like what [Teef] does, or are interested in what we do, be sure to go here and ask for an invite!

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@Bigpapasmurf.5623 said:Think I may have left Teef. Cant remember why. Id love some training.

Big mistake indeed ^^

BTW to all people joining and new people coming into the guild, don't forget to set up your chat to enable multiple guild chats. There is no rep requirement for the guild but an active chat makes the guild a more lively place :)

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