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Healbrand: Weighty Terms vs. Stalwart Speed

Maria Murtor.7253

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I'm running Fractals with my Healbrand, using full Ministrel's Gear for Healing, Aegis (Mantra of Solace + Protector's Strike on Mace) and Quickness. Unfortunately I'm very bad at rotations, so I'm using Mantra of Potence to keep Quickness up. Which means I'm using both Mantras for Quickness and Aegis, Merciful Intervention for Heal and one slot for what's best (Wall of Reflection , Bow of Truth …). I don't run Signet of Judgement, because I wanna focus on heal, Aegis and Quickness.

So, here's the deal: I'm unsure what's the best Trait for my build. I'm using Stalwart Speed, because I'm giving lots of Aegis and Stability (with Tomes). I'm loosing this if I choose Weighty Terms, which makes my Mantas more effective -> more Aegis (without Quickness though) and more Quickness because of my Mantra of Potence.

Your Thoughts?

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For fractals, I use mantra of potence and the one cleaning conditions.

Last utility depends on the fractal but is usually a consecration (with the virtue trait that reduces consecration recharges): hallowed ground for stab most of time, purging flames for addition condition cleanse and wall of reflect for projectile. These effectively act as a one side firebrand tome 3.

And apart from sirens reef, I can't remember a fractal where I'd need a faster recharge of tome 3 over the comfort of not worrying about rotation.

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