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The Messengers Quest [TMQ] is looking for new commanders to help manage our growing guild.


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Right now, our guild management consists of two leaders and several commanders that manage the day to day activities and the guild overall. The guild has a team of commanders that organize events and a core member count around 50 and growing towards a member count around 80. With the guild growing at a steady pace we want to add some more hands to help us manage the guild. Therefore, we are looking for people that want to organize PvE (non-raid) content and have the ambition of becoming a guild commander.


We’re looking for applicants with a drive to work towards the growth of the guild. Since the guild is a growing state it can be an intense and demanding job from time to time. As such we’re preferring applicants with experience in such a role or a clear vision how to do this. Apart from the tasks that come with the role, applicants are expected to help with general tasks that grow and manage the community such as posting interesting content on the forum and keeping discord/guild chat fun and alive. Potential applicants should at least be available a few hours per week to organize events.TMQ has a clear vision on how to build and grow our community and a big part of this vision is our website, the place where we share our experiences, schedule our events and commemorate our community. Potential applicants should be willing to utilize the website in order to fulfill their role.Currently, we’re looking for several of the following commander types:

  • Silverwastes event organiser
  • HoT / PoF / Living world meta event organiser
  • Dungeon / Fractal / World Boss event organiser
  • Dungeon event organiser
  • World Boss runs
  • Decoration events
  • Many more of commander types are possible, do you have an interesting idea? Let us know!


The general idea is that our event commanders tag up, on a set day and/or time, and get some guildies in your squad and fill the quad with pugs if needed. This is expected to be a weekly recurring moment and we’re looking for applicants with a medium to high in-game activity, online preferably during our prime time slot, from 19.00 CET until 23.00 CET. Applicants should be willing to keep the conversation in our channels going and contribute to the fun, jokes, chats and overall atmosphere.

Furthermore, TMQ is a community centered guild and home to all kinds of cultures, lifestyles, people, and playstyles. It is a place where every member counts, not their skills, not their items and not their experience of the game. Therefore, performance centered mentalities have no place in TMQ, we do however, appreciate applicants with respect for “die hard” and “try Hard” mentalities.Applicants that are accepted will go through an evaluation period to determine if there is a ‘’culture-fit’’ with the role. In this period, we’ll guide you through every part of the guild and give you the tools to fulfill the commander role. This includes an explanation of the website functions, discord functions and the other tools/channels we use.


If you’re interested in becoming a TMQ commander after reading this visit our commander recruitment page!


Still have some questions? Although applications go via our recruitment page feel free to message us if you like some additional information:

Please Note:While TMQ pursues 100% representation it is not required. We do not believe in mandating loyalty, but inspiring it in our members. That said we do consider ourselves a main guild/community and you will be expected to represent most of the time you spend online. We enforce our Guild Rules & Code of Conduct regularly and we ask you to understand them when making an application. This especially goes for officer applicants!

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