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New warrior need first build


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If you are dying and need sustain then Roll STR Any Mid Mid, DEF Top Top Top, and Tactics Top Top Mid.

Use a GS, Mace/shield. Take To The Limit, For Great Justice, Shake It Off, Endure Pain, and your choice of elite.

Forceful Greatsword, Might Makes Right, and Mender's Might together create high amounts of sustain. Shake It Off will help with condis, but if you don't need it then consider any other utility. Adrenal Health in DEF is strong sustain over time. To the Limit when traited with Vigorous Shouts is a powerful heal, and also gives you endurance back. Healing Signet is another strong option so long as you never use it actively. For Great Justice is a strong source of might to fuel Mender's Might, and if you have Phalanx Strength traited in Tactics and 5 allies nearby it becomes a second heal with an instant cast.

Axe/Shield is an option over Mace/Shield that has higher DPS and the might gain from the burst will heal you as well. Take Kick instead of Shake it off if you take Axe over mace and trait Peak Performance in the Strength Line.

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@"chicos.7165" said:Hi guys, could you give me an advice for a build before get the elite spec ? I need to farm hero point but in world pve I die a lot of time !!!

First, if these are HoT HPs, then many of them are not meant to be soloable. You may need a group or join an HP train to get them.

Here's some ideas, based on Berzerker+ Knights with axe/axe+hammer. It's an inexpensive and sturdy gear setup that doesn't sacrifice much power/prec/fer. (Sigil of Force is a bit expensive, so you could use Blood, Bloodlust, or Water instead).

Fear Me and Stomp provide some CC. Shouts also provide a 1.3k heal. The vampirism runes provide extra power, vitality and a 2k heal on each kill, so its good for plowing through packs of mobs.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKwAceJlZwwYbMFWJeWTqLNA-zRYUR0xkgAtg+KFy4EDhIygKKA/GA-e

If incoming conditions are the issue, Melandru runes + Loaf of Saffron Bread provide -40% condi duration.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKwAceJlZwwYbMFWJeWTqLNA-zRYUR0xkgAtg+KFy4EDhIygKKAvWjiA-e

Another variant is to use Arms traits and/or Eagle (or Scholar) runes to increase damage output:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKwAceJlZwwYUMFWJW0PrLNA-zRYUR0xkgAtg+KFy4EDhIygKKATGA-e

Warrior provides lots of options, which also means its hard to tell what is the "right" build for you, until you can test them out yourself.

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