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Weave Self suggestion


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So the weaver elite skill has some weaknesses namely:

  • The fire form only buffs condition damage making it bad for power builds
  • Once you gain Perfect weave, your attunement cooldown goes back to 4 seconds. So attuning to 4th element doesn't just end the effect sooner, it makes the skill weaker despite Perfect Weave being the "ultimate form".

This affects mostly WvW and PvP because there you actually have reason to sometimes use water, air and earth CC and support skills.

So these are my suggested buffs to the skill:Old:

Woven Fire: 20% Condition DamageWoven Water: 20% Boon Duration, 20% Outgoing Heal EffectivenessWoven Air: 50% Movement SpeedWoven Earth: -20% Incoming DamageDuring Perfect Weave your attunement cooldowns are back to 4 seconds.


Woven Fire: 10% Outgoing Damage, 10% Condition DamageWoven Water: UnchangedWoven Air: UnchangedWoven Earth: -20% Incoming Damage, -20% Incoming Condition DurationDuring Perfect Weave your attunement cooldowns are still 2 seconds.

Now I do understand that the Woven Fire change might hinder weaver raid balance or condition builds so it isn't as important of a change as perfect weave still maintaining attunement cooldowns. I want to feel powerful after attuning to 4 elements and gaining my ultimate form, not become weaker.

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