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[EU] Disaster Area (DA) EU/UK Guild, recruiting


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Hello!We are a small group of fun, relaxed, casual and friendly older gamers.In terms of group content, we enjoy raiding, fractals, all PVE and some WvW and PvP.(Totally fine if you have not raided before but at least exotics and a decent build is needed. We will help you if you have any questions.)We have an active discord server and use voice chat for group content and general topics of conversationIf you feel you can contribute to our ‘intellectual’ debates ;) are over 25 and would like to join a group of fun, friendly and casual older gamers we would love for you to join us. If you would like to start fractals or raiding we are more than happy to help you with mechanics, gear and builds.As a guild in game we are mostly active in the evenings between 7-10pm (GMT) Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and on discord most days. The majority are based in the UK.If you lack patience, have a lack of respect or bring toxicity then this is not the guild for you. Zero tolerance on sexism, racism, homophobia, you know the drill, we're all adults.

If you are interested in joining or want more information please contact Perfidy.5980

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