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Condi Thief (Daredevil)


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This will melt having a couple of stacks of conditions. Relying on Escapist for cleanse and Signet for healing while running around on base health and toughness, really? Even if you opted for defensive runes, this build will still melt or break. This is a prime example why you shouldn't go full Viper.

Also what's the point of precision if you're not proc'ing anything on crit hits? It would make sense if you're using Sigil of blight or of earth, but you're not. Or at least Sigil or generosity to transfer conditions since you're lacking cleanse.

With the skills and traits that you've picked, you're better off running this build;http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PayAoiVlZwOYfMKGJO2WdNPA-zRZYchZGFwbwjRnKIUKofW09TD-e

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