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[Merged] Cant buy new Instance node

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@khani.4786 said:The node is missing for me as well....and really, no portal scroll? sadface

The portal scroll should unlock as the first item on the vendor's initial tab once you've finished the story. If you have finished it, and it's still not there, it looks like there's either more to this bug or another one that could be its body double.

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@hrimfrostsage.9074 said:Missing the node on my main account; it's available on my side account. One difference between the two appears to be that I didn't purchase the Grothmar node on the side acct but did on the main.Same here. I do have every node, but this is the first time I could not buy the node. It is something more involved than having the previous nodes.

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@Taelac.7036 said:Also missing for me. I have completed the story and was able to purchase the portal scroll. (Is there a tome, yet? I didn't see one.) The node is not on any of the tabs on the karma vendor.

I've tried logging to character select and back in, mapping to guild hall and back, and bringing a fresh character who hasn't run the story. Currently trying logging all the way out and back in, may try a -repair. It's a minor disappointment in the scheme of things, but I take pride in getting the new nodes as soon as possible, since I share my home instance with my guild, so it's a little bit of a bummer.

Edit to add: Logging all the way out and back in didn't work. Currently waiting for interminable client -repair.

Edit to add 2: Client stopped responding in the middle of the -repair. Had to end the task and re-start, as much as I didn't want to. And for the sake of completeness, I always wait until the initial patch is fully complete before hitting Play, since I live up on top of the Rocky Mountains, and our internet is still powered by miniature donkeys. At least the -repair seems to be going a bit faster now.

I don't see the node either and I bought the portal scroll as well. I was curious if anyone else saw the book... I started to wonder if those of us who can't see the nodes also don't get to see the books... I've bought both portal scrolls. I've had this happen a couple of times, I thought it was just me...

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I am having this exact same problem and just filed a ticket. My husband, who only did enough in the zone to finish the story, was able to see it outright in the vendor, as were other guildies, but this is the first time I have encountered this glitch. We will see what comes from support, cause I am trying to get a complete home instance.

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