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Serpents' Ire meta event


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Tone this meta down. It's on a 90-minute timer, and so few people do it that most people don't even realize that there is a second phase to it (and the second phase takes far more bodies to adequately complete than the first phase). This event is basically a Guild Mission Bounty Hunt except you have to grind random adds in order to get the bounty targets to spawn in addition to then hunting them down without any map markers. Then you have to time CC on 5 targets that are swarmed with more adds. This isn't difficult, but it requires so many bodies to make the process anywhere remotely smooth.

  • 60min event timer at maximum (the event is so baseline un-intrusive without players grinding the vets that having it active every other half-hour would have 0 impact on the overworld if people just ignored it).
  • Reduce by 20% the number of high-ranking branded deaths required for all 5 zealots to spawn in the first phase.
  • Reduce zealot health by 20%.
  • Remove the timing/stacking invuln mechanic on the breakbars (it's enough of a task getting enough bodies to just finish the bounty hunt; then you split that party into 5 and ask them to have enough collective CC and sustain to slash through a champion breakbar intended for a mob).
  • Increase the detonation timer by 100%.
  • Reduce legendary health by 30%.

These changes aren't because the event is actually too difficult; these changes are so that a reasonable number of people (not 50 minimum) can actually gather together and complete it since you through it would be a swell idea to collection-gate some random item behind this meta's completion. Domain of Vabbi is NOT Dragon's Stand (built around one meta event because it just takes that many bodies to complete it). Tone this down.

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True, not only is it hard to find people to do it, the farthest I have done is the detonation part and those enemies take forever to break their bars not to mention that there are 5 of them.

Really disappointed with this still not being re-tuned esp how its tied to a specific gear set (that isn't even Ascended).

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