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sweet surrender - hidden achievement


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So if you buy the "Endless Boneskinner tonic" and bind it to your novelties why doesn't it count for the achievement? You have to specifically "use" it? Seems like a waste of karma and shards to buy a second tonic just to "use it". I own this tonic and don't have the achievement. I would put this in the bug section, but it might not be a bug, could be working as intended. Since the last time i posted a bug, it got removed. So um what gives? "using it" after it's in the novelties section- doesn't work either. :(

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@TheNecrosanct.4028 said:

@Eloc Freidon.5692 said:Seems the achievement only happens if you transform from an item and not from the novelties UI. There's also a collection that gives you one for free so try from that.

That one doesn't give you the achievement. I used it and got nothing.

I used that one and I got the achievment.

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@"Kelly.7019" said:Later i somehow got another tonic from another achieve or drop and pressed "use" this time and still got nothing and the tonic vanished. :(

I came to this thread having the same problem. I used a tonic I got from a drop and nothing happened, but I wasn't in Bjora Marches. I just purchased another tonic from the karma vendor in Bjora Marches, used it, and got the achievement. Hope that helps.

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