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"The Invitation" bugs

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I have finished the story missions, but there was this 2 bugs that appeared, one was when at the start, the commander and companions gather at the barracks, the NPCs would be stuck in the middle of their conversation, re-entering the room or rejoining on the character fixed it. The second one was at the entrance to Raven's Sanctum, where the commander meets up with the others, and the player is supposed to activate one Raven Lock while Jhavi activates the other. I faced a bug here where Jhavi would not do anything, I could only interact with 1 Raven lock which did nothing, and had to re-enter on the character. After I did that, the NPCs disappeared, but then the dialogue that happens in from of the gate restarted, but this time awfully loud, like all the NPCs were stacked onto the commander and speaking right into the ear. But this time I was able to enter the Raven's Sanctum for the story mission, anyone faced this? I thought it was something with the integration of story mode mechanics into open world instances being bugged or something.

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