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Ice Try bug

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@Kulgin.9512 said:Update: I was able to get the achievement after playing the full episode through instead of just restarting at Fraenir - wonder if that's the cause?

No, it's not. It took me several attempts (maybe 3 or 4?), starting directly at the Freanir, to get it. The time window is very brief, it triggers the split second he vanishes (as mentioned later on, it's server-sided, so you might have a delay). You have to be super fast and try to eliminate as many ice pillars as possible beforehand to reduce the number of hiding spots.

@Ok I Did It.2854 said:i cleared all the pillars bar 1, dragged the boss to it, he disappeared and reappeared beside me, as i was already at the location, and it didnt trigger the achievement, not sure if there is some sort of hidden pre for this achievement.

Hmm, that is strange.

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Strait from the fighting point works, that's how I did it.

What people need to realize is:

  • there is a short achievement icon which appears after he teleports. While this is up, you get the achievement if you make it to him in time (it immediately procs)
  • the 5 seconds start literally the moment he jumps server side. Meaning due to visual delay, latency, etc. the actual time you have to get to him is less than 5 seconds
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