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Hero Challenges at Auric Basin don't get checked off, no reward

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I wanted to do a (solo) HP run at Auric Basin yesterday, but did not get a hero point reward, nor did the icon change to mark an earned hero point. Today I tried again, still the same. It only seems to happen at Auric Basin though. To test if all HC's are bugged, I tried a few different locations:

Crystal desert: Amnoon Southern Outskirts - Icon changed, hp rewardedVerdant Brink: Near Treacherous Path waypoint - Icon changed, hp rewardedAuric Basin: Exalted Overlook - NothingAuric Basin: Tarnished Treetop (toxic bacon challenge) - NothingAuric Basin: Burnisher Quarry - Nothing

It's weird, because when trying again it says I already did it.Example image of Exalted Overlook:https://imgur.com/a/ZJwgSPHAs you can see, the displayed icon remains as if I did not interact with the HC yet.

Please let me know if additional information or testing is required.

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